Definition of technical requirements

Partners have discussed Technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display on F2F meetings in Zagreb, Bucharest and Budapest. Based on that input, “Defined technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display” document was made.

On industrial partner’s request, another document, “The eGAFOR story” was made as well. In this document was described how partners see the process of creating forecast on eGAFOR system in a story-telling fashion. The document’s purpose is to help the industrial partner to better understand METSP partner’s views and needs.

Although the initial list of technical requirements is made, it is possible that it will be modified during “WP3: eGAFOR system development” if partners conclude that some requirements do not fit purpose and/or some requirements are missing.

During WP3 regular reviewing meetings will be held approximately every six weeks. On these meetings the software development progress will be presented to the METSP partners, the requirements will be analyzed and adjusted if necessary.