Definition of route network


Prior to the eGAFOR project only Croatia and Slovenia had defined GAFOR route networks. These routes were harmonized and mutual routes were connected at cross-border points.

The partners have agreed upon the following procedure when defining the eGAFOR route network:

  1. METSP partners from neighboring countries define mutually agreed cross-border points.
  2. METSP partners are responsible for creating their own route network according to the route definition from The Report on Defined Basic Terms.

Cross-border points

Existing cross-border points between Croatia and Slovenia mostly remained unchanged, unless some slight modifications were needed. All the METSP partners have agreed that when creating new cross-border points, aviation significant points shall be used whenever possible.

The neighboring METSP partners have mutually agreed on the cross-border points listed in Table 1 and their geographic distribution is presented in Figure 1.

Table 1 Agreed eGAFOR cross-border points

Country 1 Country 2 Latitude (N) Longitude (E) Nearest location Significant point
BiH Croatia 430230N 0173942E   NETKO
BiH Croatia 451346N 0165711E   NOVLO
BiH Croatia 445632N 0154436E   RASTU
BiH Croatia 450607N 0182254E   SIVLA
BiH Croatia 440146N 0162858E   UNIPA
BiH Montenegro 430200N 0184000E   PERAN
BiH* Serbia* 443841N 0191507E    
BiH* Serbia* 441107N 0192130E    
Croatia Hungary 454446N 0182448E   BAREB
Croatia Hungary 461425N 0165746E   KOPRY
Croatia Slovenia 453124N 0144421E   ALIVO
Croatia Slovenia 462242N 0161627E   OBUTI
Croatia Slovenia 452939N 0140317E   USELU
Croatia Slovenia 461308N 0153921E Rjavica  
Croatia Slovenia 455254N 0154100E Dobova  
Croatia Slovenia 452802N 0133604E Sečovlje  
Croatia Serbia 450736N 0190439E   TUVAR
Hungary Serbia 455554N 0185544E   BABIT
Hungary Serbia 461104N 0194148E   KEROP
Hungary Slovakia 483123N 0211729E   KEKED
Hungary Slovakia 481350N 0193555E   LITKU
Hungary Slovakia 474524N 0180343E   XOMBA
Hungary Slovenia 464101N 0162522E   DIMLO
Hungary Romania 464115N 0212948E   BUDOP
Hungary Romania 474738N 0222632E   KARIL
Hungary Romania 460949N 0204229E   MOPUG
Hungary Romania 471454N 0215136E   NARKA
Montenegro Serbia 431423.0N 0193818.1E   BEDAK
Serbia Romania 441843.0N 0223319.0E   ANASA
Serbia Romania 451424.0N 0211830.0E   MAVIT
Serbia Romania 455120.6N 0203724.0E   ROMUX

(*) Points agreed between BHANSA and SMATSA llc represent the border points of area of responsibility for creating the eGAFOR product only. These points do not reflect the state border, FIR border, or any other formal agreement between states. They can be changed if both sides find some other points are more suitable for the purpose stated here.

Figure 1 Cross-border points

The route network

The route network approved by all partners is in the attached document eGAFOR_Route_network_20190311.kmz. The outlook of the route network is displayed in Figure 2.

Figure 2: outlook of eGAFOR route network

Changes of the route network

Cross-border points between two neighboring partner countries can be changed only with the consent of both METSP partners from the countries included.

All METSP partners can change routes within the territory of their country if the change does not affect neighboring partner countries. If the change includes routes to the neighboring partner’s country, an approval from the METSP partner from the affected country is needed.

All the route changes have to be announced to the partners at least two months before the execution. All the route changes can be executed only on Eurocontrol AIRAC dates.