Definition of MET elements in eGAFOR

Based on user surveys conducted in all countries of the Project in December 2017 and January 2018 and expert discussions at several meetings, the partners have agreed that following meteorological phenomena (MET elements) shall be forecast in eGAFOR:

MET element Acronym Explanation
BKN/OVC clouds CLD Cloudiness coverage more than 4/8
Visibility VIS Horizontal visibility on ground level below 8 km
Cumulonimbus clouds CB Horizontal  distribution of CB clouds
Turbulence TURB Turbulence in Low Level Flight altitudes
Freezing precipitation FZ PP Any precipitation which freezes on contact with surfaces

In the first version of this report, the name of MET element “BKN/OVC Clouds” was “Low BKN/OVC Clouds” and corresponding acronym was “LC”. However, one of the tasks in Work Package 4 was to define the maximum altitude up to which the Low Cloudiness shall be forecasted, and it was decided that the maximum altitude should be FL100 (10000 ft). That means not only low clouds will be forecasted, but medium clouds as well. Because of that, the name of the MET element was changed.